Suspect Concussion? Remove Athlete from Play

american academy of neurologyAmerican Academy of Neurology Releases Concussion Guideline Update

Athletes who are suspected of having a concussion should be removed from the game immediately and not returned until assessed by a licensed health care professional trained in diagnosing and managing concussion. That is one of the recommendations from the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), which today released an update to its evidence-based guideline for evaluating and managing athletes with concussion. The new guideline is endorsed by several athletic, medical, and patient groups.

Be Aware of Concussion Signs, Symptoms, Risks

The AAN encourages athletes, parents, and coaches to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of concussion, which can include:

  • Headache and sensitivity to light or sound
  • Changes to balance, coordination, and reaction time
  • Changes in memory, judgment, speech, and sleep
  • Loss of consciousness or a “blackout” (happens in less than 10 percent of cases)

Learn more about concussion by downloading the AAN’s new app, Concussion Quick Check, to help coaches, athletic trainers, and parents quickly recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion.

Read the guideline summary for patients and families, access Concussion Quick Check app and additional resources on concussion.